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13 April,  2017

by CarsAndCoffeeDeluxe team

First Cars&Coffee Meeting for 2017! (Zone Artisanale Hamm,Rue de Bitbourg)

We are looking foward to see everyone on our first C&C Meeting for 2017.
As always you will be spoiled by us with free Coffee and Croissants . 
We will provide a piggy bank to put money in for the charity we are supporting (Make a Wish) We count on your generosity !

The Coffee will be provided by Pascucci ( and the croissants like last year from Yves Rieffer ( We also would like to thank Pneu Center Roude Leiw ( and STAR WASH Car wash who will open their Doors exceptionally on a Sunday to support Cars&Coffee with their infrastructure. People who want to get a car wash will be able to do that from 10h00 to 12h00.

A special thanks goes also to Imassur Assurances ( for supporting us the last 2 years with an insurance for our events.

Sorry to everyone who expected an earlier date,but due to factors we have no influence over,it was not possible on an earlier date...

15-22 JUNE 2019
Coast to Coast 2

November 2016

by CarsAndCoffeeDeluxe team

Check photos and videos HERE

Our last event for 2016!

A big thanks from the Cars&Coffee Team to all of our Partners who supported us this season(Im|Assur,Shiftec Engineering,Car de Lux,Deal & Drive,Garage Losch & Cie Junglinster ,Decalaminage Moteur Luxembourg,Commune de Mamer for their support and a very special thanks to Boulangerie Yves Rieffer for supplying us with free,great tasting Croissants and Chocolate Rolls, to the Brasserie Restaurant Toussaints and Snack Daniela for supplying us with free Coffee for everyone. It has... been a great Season,we had a lot of fun,and met some awesome people and saw some awesome cars !
I also want to thank our crew for putting in all that work, a big thanks to all the car spotters for the beautiful photos and videos and last but not least i want to thank all Participants because without you there would be no event!
I hope i did not forget to mention anyone,in any case it was not intentional.
We can't wait for the 2017 Season!

Everyone who likes this event and has the same passion for cars can help us by inviting your friends to like our page.

Thanks a lot,and we hope to see you @ our events in 2017 ! Watch out for news!

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